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About us

FCA Naturals started with childhood friends April and Samantha as they embarked on their personal natural journey.  FCA Naturals, LLC created a Facebook group to assist those who are in transition to becoming natural. This grew into their Facebook Page serving as a tool of communication and networking for sisters who are natural, in transition to being natural, or who just wish to share knowledge and information on education, fashion trends, natural hair and a holistic lifestyle.  ​
FCA Naturals Wonder products where born from a request of April Owner, FCA Naturals, LLCApril's Grandmother for a cream she could use for joint pain.  April got busy in the kitchen, experimenting with various essential oils, herbs and butters.
After a few weeks and numerous batches of creams, she had the necessary formulation for an all-natural pain reliever.  Her Grandmother named it Wonder Cream because it "Worked Wonders on her pain!  Her continouspursuit of information has opened her eyes and because of her immense love of people, she wants to share all that all she has learned, the good, the bad and the ugly.  So many people talk about natural hair and how it is a fad but for FCA Naturals, LLC it is lifestyle. 
April Owner, FCA Naturals, LLC
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