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Winter Survival Guide

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Greetings All!

I’m checking in from Arkansas and it’s a beautiful 47 degrees. A definite change from the whopping 7 degrees last week..... BRRRRR🌬🌬It was only two weeks ago that it was 70+ degrees here in Arkansas, now my daughter has on boots everyday and I've started the hunt for missing trouser socks for myself (they always disappear 😞). I can tell when the season change because I only wear socks when it is 40 degrees and colder. 👌🏾This year I've Seriously, decided that I will only buy plain socks so when they loose their mates it won't matter because I will have others in that same style and color (#winning idea right?)


I know that was not a moisture tip but it's diffently a winter survival tip...thanks for listening! Lost socks wanted 🤣

Now back to the matter at hand, survival tips.  In 2018 with most of the US experiencing colder temps than normal, our hair and skin may need some extra TLC to adapt.  I always get questions about dry hair or skin. Sometimes it's not dry hair just the regimen. Most times, with dry skin and hair its lack of water and the products you use; unless you suffer from eczema, psoriasis or dryness caused by prescription meds. I've also seen the "I don't use lotion or butters but I'm still ashy and I don't know why". While I'm not hear to diagnosis you....I can offer some assistance based on my experience as a eczema and psoriasis suffer, Moisture Lover and as a Mom. Seriously speaking, there's no need to suffer with dry, ashy skin this season or ever.

With winter weathers arrival it's time to make a moisture plan.  In your resolution or New Years game plan, incorporate your whole body.  It's really important to your hair and skin that you pamper it especially during the first few weeks of a new season. There's no need for your hair or skin to suffer just because the seasons are changing. We've complied some simple tips you can incorporate into your self care regimen.

Thriving Tips 

Give your hair hydration that will help maintain, revive and restore your curls, coils, kinks and waves . Regardless of your style, be sure to moisturize hair to avoid excess shedding, breakage, fairy knots and split ends.

Your skin is your biggest organ. By properly moisturizing it you are improving how it functions and protects everything inside. Use a butter or oil all over your body after shower or bath. TIP: Make sure your skin is damp while applying moisturizers and sealants. 

For me, I tend to manipulate my hair more in the cooler months. I'm twisting it to protect my ends, having it braided to rest my arms, coloring because I want a change or pulling it up and down for holiday styles and events.  During this time of year, I focus on moisture retention and sealants. Here are some extra things that help me remain moisturized from head to toe:

Deep condition twice monthly this extra TLC can help combat excessive shedding amen aid in moisture retention 

Maximum Protection-After a protective style, I may do a hot oil treatment. I used a medicinal oil with tea tree, peppermint and a plastic cap. It will help restore scalps Ph balance, stimulate follicles and smooth scalp irritations.

Scalp Maintenance- massage scalp weekly or as needed with natural oils while protective styling to prevent dryness and stimulate hair follicles. A few drops of oil works wonders

Accessorize and Protect My hair accessories are multipurpose. My hats protect hair from wind and cold, while also accentuating my coat, gloves or etc. Scarves are a quick way to protect your hair while being outside and also adding colorful dimension to your winter wardrobe.

Multipurpose oils are a wonderful option to protect your hair and skin from the elements. As a finisher, try using your favorite oil blend. It will alleviate  static cling, unnecessary fizzing and provide awesome shimmer for your strands.

Replace your lotion or add some oil to your lotion bottle for maximum coverage.

Cleanse Use natural soaps! Avoid soaps that include harsh chemicals that you can not pronounce. Commercial soaps can be very drying to skin and upset your Ph in the more delicate areas.

Massages are great way to relax and moisturize the skin. Have your favorite oil blend with you at your next appointment or by your bed for your significant other.

Replace baby oil and Vaseline with a natural oil for the kiddos. These products can clog your pores and prodide shine but have no moisturing properties. After their shower or bath rub them down with your choice of oil or butter for better sleep.

Last but not Least The last product on your skin before you get dressed should be an oil or butter. This simple step could help you avoid chaffing, dry patches and ashyness.

Simply put, update your product regimen to reflect the things your hair and body may need to thrive as the seasons change. If you need help, not sure of what oils to try or you're really not into do it yourself... Our line of Wonder products can give you everything you need to stimulate growth, while retaining length and moisturized skin during these cold winter months. Check out FCA Favs for some family friendly recommendations. I sure hope some of these tips will be beneficial to you and your family.

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